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My Dear Brother  / Jackie Bellfield (Sister)  Read >>
My Dear Brother  / Jackie Bellfield (Sister)
I am deeply saddened by Mark's passing. He was a wonderful brother and an extremely kind and gentle man.

I have so many great memories with him. Some of the best were when I was young and he babysat my twin sister and me. He took us everywhere with him and never complained. He loved playing hockey with his friends and always put up with the two of us yelling "Marky Mommy" at him from the side lines! Talk about embarrassing, but he never said a word! He was so laid back and patient with us :)

Mark went through so much in his too-short  life and always made the best of it. He had a strenghth and will that I only wish I had. He was the happiest he had been in a long time and I find peace in that.

Mark, you are now at peace and completely free. I know you are with dad and having a great time :) I love you dearly and miss you more than you know. Until we meet again, fish on!

One of my boys  / Corky Duoos (Friend)  Read >>
One of my boys  / Corky Duoos (Friend)
Mark and my sons and friends were at my place called the Knight Kap a lot. They played pool there. I went to a lot of the football games. When I heard of Marks first accident, it was a shock. Dick and I got him to go swimming with us. He did great. I was amazed that his legs moved normally as he swam. Before his accident he tackled a guy that was about to hit my husband. My husband was disabled and Mark stepped in. I do miss Mark and the kids that hung out at our place.  Happy fishing Mark, Dick and Rick. Close
~ You will be sadly missed my Old Friend ~  / Julie Blass (Old Friend )  Read >>
~ You will be sadly missed my Old Friend ~  / Julie Blass (Old Friend )
~ Was very saddened to hear  ,  another dear soul , gone too soon ~  Many a hours spent , years ago , as winter would become long , the walls small ,  would venture across the wintery woods , to visit Mark & Steve .  During those days , it was playing Pool in Steve's basement  or pass the hours away playing Poker had become that winter's cabin fever passtime ... would gather up whatever change ,  trek across the winter snows ... so the boys could win whatever $$  ... I hated poker .. but they always humored trying to teach me the game ... never did learn :)  
At the time Mark had ferrets ,  many hours spent , watching the ferrets scoot through the pool table  -  Never thought I would like ferrets  -  but , here , hold them  ~ watch ~ a lot of smiles .  Many hours spent , wintery walks on the lake ... take ferrets out to scoot on the lake .  And ,  pool ... years later ,  long lonely quiet nights bartending ,  Mark would come in , shoot game of pool  ... and another ,  stay & visit ... more winter hours spent in good company .. then it would be ,well  Maybe just ...one more game of pool ... Nice he would keep me company that way  :)   ~ Always a Smile when we would meet ~  A Wonderful Soul ~ You will be missed my old friend ~  Close
leasons in loss  / Eric Johnson (dear friend )  Read >>
leasons in loss  / Eric Johnson (dear friend )
Hello to all that are mourning the loss of a unique man.
Mark and I traveled to Alaska together,my first time up here,in the late 80's.We had been great friends prior,but that bonded us and altered my life deeply[including where I would now call home].We saw so much,but a highlight was driving into Denali park[which basically is bus only]but we showed up on the right day.It was cloudy on the way in but massive moose,carbiou,sheep and grizzly bears kept us entertained.However ,the next morn-with blue skies out,we turned around to see Denali 20,320feet-it's one of those grand memories,one I owe to Mark.
The friendship was strong,i could allways talk to Mark,just a few weeks ago,i recieved a call-from east texas,mark was aglow with his new-life down there,he had found his niche,he told me-good people,great fishing,he found his new home.although happy for him,i had allways hoped he'd come to alaska to start a fishing guide service,at least get to know this part of ak i get to call home.Play some cribbage,go fishing,listen to music and reflect on our common past.
Mourning him has been tough up here,far from others that shared him as a friend-memories will creep into my mind,sometimes in unexpected ways and a flood of sadness will wash over me-i miss him Close
Mark's Smile  / Nancy (Skeeter) Moeller (Friend)  Read >>
Mark's Smile  / Nancy (Skeeter) Moeller (Friend)
Mark was a great friend and we go way back at least 1979. The last time I ran into Mark was on a visit in 2003. He was diligently pulling up a boat on the sandy, wet slab of concrete, (public access) to attach it to the trailer. I'd stopped out at Strawberry Lake, in my old neck of the woods, to look for agates cause it just rained. I was completely surprised to see him there and not at Mayo. I didn't ever recall see anyone fishing Strawberry Lake before. I thought the Strawberry was only good for leaches and great agate hunting. If Jenny Evangelist reads this she'll know what I'm referring too. Any way, I don't recall ever seeing Mark smile a bigger smile and I was so happy to see him too, we hugged, talked a bit and I helped him with the boat, and said good buy. I remember back in the 80s one of my goals in life was to beat Mark at pool, we played for hours... not just a few hours, like hundreds of hours, at the Knight Kap, and he always kicked my.... I beat him only one time, and I think he just let me, so I would be happy, and I was but knew he threw the game to me. There are times when I wish I didn't have the Internet so I wouldn't get sad news. There are times I'm grateful for it. I have enough tears for all of the friends. I've been blessed with great friends. Strawberry Lake is no longer good for just leaches and great agate hunting; it's now an incredible memory of a last meeting of a Smiling Friend. After all when it really comes down to it, if you have great memories of great friends to treasure, life means something. Mark's smile is my treasured memory. Close
Best Friend to Best Man  / Tracey Oxborough (Friend)  Read >>
Best Friend to Best Man  / Tracey Oxborough (Friend)
I remember meeting Mark for the first time at the Pequot Lakes High School gym.{Man that was a long time ago} John and Mark would be playing basketball and a group of us would come in to play volley ball. We had to either kick them off the court or let them play. They stayed and they played. {They were really good}
Little did I know at the time,I had met my future husband and his best friend. Who also became a friend of mine.   We had alot of good times together,Good times to remember!!
  He will be greatly missed!  Tracey

*He made a damn good loaf of banana bread!

More From John,

Thanks to all my fellow classmates who wrote in and to everyone else as well.
 My wife Tracey and I would like to express our deepest sympathy to Mark's immediate family and closest friends, Thank You Laurie for all you did for Mark in the past years,I could cetainly hear the joy in his voice. Close
FriendsForever / John Oxborough (Best Friend )  Read >>
FriendsForever / John Oxborough (Best Friend )
It took me several days to be able to write my thoughts down,But here I go.
  Mark was a great friend to me,My best.I first met Mark in school  when he moved to Pequot Lakes ,as did the rest of our 1981 Classmates.Mark and I hit it off rightaway,and our friendship was on!! Over the coarse of 28 years or so, We fished,hunted,trapped,played on a pool team together for years. He was the score keeper and bench coach for the softball team I coached for 6 or 7 years.We went to concerts,Twins games,State Fair and A weeks vacation to Ely,MN" Fishing". And generally just hung out! Oh Yeah,Did I mention we went fishing A LOT!! 
 When I built my ice fishing house, I built it with door and dimensions to accomodate Mark's chair, He was there for me when both my parents passed away,He was my best man at my wedding and hell,he even went on our Honeymoon with us to Montana! Now that's a serious friend!{My wife was really impressed}  I could ramble on for hours with the stuff we did in the last 28 years.But Mark ,you will truely always be my best friend. I will and already do miss you dearly. I will see you again one day my friend and when I do you better have the $10 you owe me on that first fish caught bet you lost!! Love You Man 
                                                                               John Close
My brother's best friend  / Sue Oxborough (Friend)  Read >>
My brother's best friend  / Sue Oxborough (Friend)
I knew Mark through my brother John.  I remember the night he came over to my parent's house in Pequot to say good bye to John as he was heading out to Wyoming.  Mark faced the outcome of the accident with such courage and bravery,  that of which you would not excpect from a 19 year old.  When he was transfered to the cities my sister and I went to the hospital to see him with such heavy hearts.  Only to find him consoling us.  I have such wonderful memories of him helping my sister's and my softball team practice and him attending my wedding.  I was always glad to see him, as he was to see the Oxbrough girls, (as he would put it).  He has been in my family's lives for many years.  It is with great saddness that I say good bye to Mark.  He is walking tall once again in heaven.
Mark's Adopted Big Sister  / Margie Oxborough (Friend)  Read >>
Mark's Adopted Big Sister  / Margie Oxborough (Friend)
Mark was a main stay at our home in Pequot Lakes.  My little brother John and Mark were best friends.  Truely best friends.  I lived at our home in Pequot for a few years during my high school years and John and Mark were 3 years behind.  They were always into mischief and gave my parents gray hair.

I can't forget the accident and I can't forget what it did to both Mark and John.

But Mark survived in a big way.  He has a heart of gold and was truly my brothers best friend and a friend to me.  I loved Mark for his raw straight forward attitude, said what he thought and felt, and was generous beyond words, and kind.

I shall miss you Mark, you leave many of us behind that care about you more than you know.  From a fellow Twins fan and fishing fanatic, catch the big one, will you?  But leave some for me.  Love Margie. Close
TEXAS GATHERING  / Laurie   Read >>

We're having a gathering on Wednesday evening to celebrate Mark's life.  Please stop by our house, hopefully it won't be raining!  926 Cypress Drive,  Uncertain, TX.  I plan to build a fire, hang out, and hope to hear from people whose  lives  have been touched by Mark...He was an incredible man. 

Stop in any time after 7:00, bring your own beverage, and a snack to share if you want to.  Come...talk, cry, laugh,  or just be with us as we celebrate who Mark has been to us.   I am looking forward to hearing stories/memories of times YOU have shared with him!

Class of 81  / Terry Johnson (Friend & Classmate )  Read >>
Class of 81  / Terry Johnson (Friend & Classmate )

I am so sorry to hear about Mark's passing.  I played football and graduated with Mark.  Mark was one of the best football players I knew.  A few years after high school Mark and I became better friends.  We played a lot of pool together and he helped manage our softball team.  Mark was very determined with all of his interests, and he was a great competitor.  My condolences to Mark's family.

Pictures of Mark  / Laurie   Read >>
Pictures of Mark  / Laurie
I've never seen Mark as happy as I've seen him in the last four months.  I've added some pictures of him I took on a February afternoon on Caddo Lake.  I wanted to share them with his/our friends and family.  
He's taken a huge part of me with him, but I wouldn't give up a single second of our last six years together...It's been incredible knowing him.  Close
Class of 81  / Chris Greer (Classmate & Friend )  Read >>
Class of 81  / Chris Greer (Classmate & Friend )
I was saddened to hear about Mark.  I will never forget the year Mark moved to Pequot.  We were told there was a 250LB 6'4" lineman and running back moving to Pequot.  I was excited to hear this and that it would help our football team.  The rumor of his height and weight weren't exactly true but being a running back and an asset to our Class of 81 football team was true.  After his accident, he stayed with me in the cities while attending therapy.  Stu was right about Mark overcoming difficult obstacles.  He tackled everything that was thrown at him.  I will always remember the goodtimes.  My condolences to Mark's family. Close
always a winner  / Stu Sabyan (one of many friends )  Read >>
always a winner  / Stu Sabyan (one of many friends )
I met Mark when his folks and family moved to the Pequot Lakes, Minnesota area when we were both high school sophmores. I can remember the first time that he touched the football as a lanky 10th grader and ran for a 60 or 70 yard touchdown.

Mark enjoyed many sports and was always an avid outdoorsman. We were together in that unfortunate car wreck in Wyoming that left Mark paralyzed in the fall of 1982. He never let that, or anything, slow him down.  Whatever difficult obstacles that were thrown at him is this life he seemed to be able to always not only overcome them, but move on as if nothing happened.

As we remember the good times we spent with Mark, we should all try to live our lives with some of that exploring sense of adventure and can do attitude that Mark typified during his too  short but well lived life.

Caddo was in His Blood  / Todd Mac Larty (new friend )  Read >>
Caddo was in His Blood  / Todd Mac Larty (new friend )

I only knew "Minnisota Mark" just a few months...until his untimely death this Good Friday.

He has a wonderful companion and best  friend Laurie, and many,many,many friends from Minnisota, to Alaska, and around the Caddo Lake area of East Texas that will deeply miss him...as well his two loved pets Tugboat & Little T (which he rescued from the animal shelter) as a Valentines present for Laurie.

He was an avid fisherman, outdoorsman, and just plain made friends with just about everyone he met.

He moved to our little piece of Heavan on earth called Uncertain, Texas about 2 months ago...cause he was darn tired of those nasty Minnisota winters.

He loved to fish.  He would fish even when the fish weren't enterested in bein caught.

He was also an avid photographer and took beautiful pictures.

He helped me fix my wheelchair while we watched 'Cool Hand Luke and Pappion' with me and fed me a great steak dinner with all the fixins.

He would take out anyone on the water that wanted to go...just cause he wanted to go...


I hope he is catchin that "monster" up stairs...heck I know he is, just leave a few for us waitin to get there with ya!