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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, "MINNESOTA" MARK HAUKLAND who was born in 10/05/1962 and passed away on April 06, 2007 . We will remember him forever. 
Tributes and Condolences
My Dear Brother   / Jackie Bellfield (Sister)
I am deeply saddened by Mark's passing. He was a wonderful brother and an extremely kind and gentle man.

I have so many great memories with him. Some of the best were when I was young and he babysat my twin sister and me. He...  Continue >>
One of my boys   / Corky Duoos (Friend)
Mark and my sons and friends were at my place called the Knight Kap a lot. They played pool there. I went to a lot of the football games. When I heard of Marks first accident, it was a shock. Dick and I got him to go swimming with us. He did gre...  Continue >>
~ You will be sadly missed my Old Friend ~   / Julie Blass (Old Friend )
~ Was very saddened to hear  ,  another dear soul , gone too soon ~  Many a hours spent , years ago , as winter would become long , the walls small ,  would venture across the wintery woods , to visit Mark & Steve . ...  Continue >>
leasons in loss   / Eric Johnson (dear friend )
Hello to all that are mourning the loss of a unique man.
Mark and I traveled to Alaska together,my first time up here,in the late 80's.We had been great friends prior,but that bonded us and altered my life deeply[including where I would now call...  Continue >>
Mark's Smile  / Nancy (Skeeter) Moeller (Friend)    Read >>
Best Friend to Best Man  / Tracey Oxborough (Friend)    Read >>
FriendsForever / John Oxborough (Best Friend )    Read >>
My brother's best friend  / Sue Oxborough (Friend)    Read >>
Mark's Adopted Big Sister  / Margie Oxborough (Friend)    Read >>
TEXAS GATHERING  / Laurie     Read >>
Class of 81  / Terry Johnson (Friend & Classmate )    Read >>
Pictures of Mark  / Laurie     Read >>
Class of 81  / Chris Greer (Classmate & Friend )    Read >>
always a winner  / Stu Sabyan (one of many friends )    Read >>
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